Hat Creek is one of California’s most spectacular fisheries. Our effforts are mostly focused on the 3.5 miles of river between the Powerhouse #2 and Lake Britton. This Spring creek features some great riffles below the powerhouse and down lower in the stretch with some beautiful slow moving flats in between. With both Rainbow & Brown Trout swimming in its waters, Hat Creek can provide some excited yet challenging dry fly fishing when conditions are right.

Hat Creek has some great riffles that set up perfectly for nymph fishing. A variety of stoneflies, caddis, and mayflies are all present in the creek. The flat waters of Hat Creek that wind through the valley also offer some of our favorite dry fly fishing. These Spring Creek fish don’t make it easy on anglers but walking the flat water looking for rising trout can offer some great chances for those looking to catch fish on the surface. Overcast days can be spectacular  for dry fly fishing.