Fall River is the largest spring creek system in the country, home to one of the healthiest populations of native rainbow trout in the west. The underground aquifers that percolate to the surface in the Fall River Valley are rich with nutrients, providing a wide variety of food to the resident rainbow trout. This combination allows these fish to feed and grow year round and makes it a favorite for our Fall River fly fishing guides

Fall River itself is roughly 15 miles long, with numerous other springs that feed into this system. The result is a variety of cold, clean water that’s perfect to explore and fish. Our favorite time of year is May through October, when the hatches are strong and the fish are on the feed. Crystal clear water can make fishing here on the more technical side, but still incredibly rewarding. Our Fall River fly fishing guides have decades of combined experience.  A day of trout fishing on this magical spring creek is something that should be on every serious anglers bucket list.