Based in Redding, California, AC Fly Fishing offers high quality, personalized fly fishing experiences. All trips are led by our team of expert guides who are trained to work with clients of all ages and skill levels—from beginner to advanced. We ensure each client understands the basics of fly fishing so they can become a more competent, knowledgeable, and skilled fly angler. We take pride in exceeding each client’s expectations, ensuring an unforgettable and fun day on the water. Call us today to create your own customizable trip!



Anthony found a passion for fly fishing at a young age. He followed that passion to the foothills of gold country and beyond, to the vast tundras of Alaska, and finally back home to Northern California, where he turned his passion into a career. A natural leader, Anthony brings together a group of like-minded guides with superior work ethics who want nothing more than to see their clients have a great time on the water. His confidence and positive demeanor is infectious, and a trip with Anthony is certain to make for a memorable vacation. When he isn’t guiding, you can find him chasing the white ball on manicured fairways or chasing anadromous fish on the coastline.


Matt sets himself apart from other guides with his eager approach everyday on the water. Matt has a uniquely positive way of teaching and guiding, proving to be an ideal fit for both beginners and veteran anglers. Matt has been fishing and guiding the rivers of Northern California since he was 18, specializing in the Lower and Upper Sacramento River and Pit River. He’s also spent many summers guiding the wilds of southwest Alaska at Kulik Lodge. Matt is a devoted SF Giants and 49ers fan, so if you show up for a day of fishing wearing a Dodgers hat or Seahawks shirt, he might make you swap out your apparel if you plan to catch any fish!


Captain Darrin “Revis” Deel has been guiding professionally in California, Oregon, and Idaho for nearly a decade. Born and raised in Chico, CA, he practically grew up on the banks of the Lower Sacramento River, Feather, and Yuba Rivers. He knows each one intimately and has a knack for finding fish regardless of the circumstances, with deep knowledge of trout, steelhead, striped bass, and shad. Matched with his unparalleled sense of humor, Revis’ work ethic sets him apart from other guides on the water. When he’s not putting clients on fish in his drift boat, he’s often running his 22′ jet sled, putting limits on salmon and stripers in the boat.


Born and raised in Chico, Harry is a true Nor Cal kid that specializes in local fisheries like the Feather and Lower Sac. His love for fly fishing started at a young age and grew exponentially. Eventually, this passion evolved into sharing the sport with others. Harry’s guide career started after high school working for a fly shop and serving the non-profit Cast Hope. His patient yet motivating attributes led him to excel in the industry despite his young age. Currently, Harry guides summers in Idaho on the Snake River while working for us the remainder of the year. Aside from guiding, Harry is either pursuing his degree from Chico State or running the boards in cornhole.


Jaret has been fishing ever since he could walk. Our youngest team member, he specializes in the Lower Sacramento River for trout and steelhead, bringing enthusiasm and positive energy everyday to our program. Jaret’s hard work, sociability, and patience defines his character on the water. When he isn’t out taking folks fishing, he’s likely in class at Chico State pursuing his career in law enforcement or training police dogs throughout the northstate for various sheriff’s offices and police departments.


Devon grew up in Half Moon Bay, CA. If he wasn’t playing sports, he was out with his friends riding around looking for reptiles, animals, and of course fish. He developed a passion for exploring the outdoors at a very young age. He was introduced to fly fishing by his grandfather soon after ditching the diaper and everything else in life took a back seat once he understood the concepts of imitating a wild trout’s main food sources in the purest form. This obsession grew to new levels after experiencing the beauty and quality of fish in the rivers that fill Shasta Lake. After finishing a college baseball career in South Carolina, Devon attended the inaugural AC Fly Fishing guide school. As a guide, he loves the opportunity to introduce people to the sport and rivers he is so passionate about. “Trout live in the most beautiful places in the world” is what his grandfather would always say, and it couldn’t be more true about these spectacular northern California waters.


Born and raised in Southern California, Travis grew up fishing the Eastern Sierras and developed a passion for fishing at an early age. He was so obsessed with fishing that when he was 5 years old he would have his dad wake him up at 5am every Saturday and Sunday morning to watch “Bill Dance Outdoors” and “Fishing with Roland Martin” on ESPN. In 2005 Travis headed north to attend college at Sonoma state where he studied environmental science, and began chasing steelhead on the north coast Rivers. Having fished the waters of Northern California and southern Oregon for the last 15+ years. Travis has a deep rooted passion and knowledge for our fish and natural resources. When Travis isn’t on the water working he is likely spending time with his wife Megan and chasing his two little ones around.


Joe has been fishing for as long as he can remember. He grew up fly fishing the Sierras for trout, chasing bass in local lakes and duck hunting in the winter months with his father. Joe’s passion for the outdoors took hold of him at a young age. His decision to attend Chico State was solely based on the fly fishing and hunting opportunities the north state provided.  Joe still lives in Chico and spends most of his time on the Lower Sac and Feather River. When he is not guiding, he can be found chasing steelhead, bowhunting elk all over the west or sitting in a duck blind with his lab. Joe’s passion for fly fishing and guiding shines through each day on the water.




Lonnie Boles has been chasing fish and guiding his guests in Northern California for over 3 decades. Lonnie has joined our team of guides ready to share his years of knowledge and seasoned experiences with our guests, friends and guides alike. We are very excited to have him on board and look forward to seeing him guide his best years for many to come.

Lonnie grew up on the Lower Sacramento River below Red Bluff CA and currently resides along the banks of the Trinity River. Simply put, his home waters, and favorite waters, are everything in between. Lonnie also steps outside the box and guides waters that we won’t talk about here. The best way to get on his “short list” for those “off the social media beaten paths” is to hop in the boat with him, have a fun day and get him to open up about where he fishes on his days off. You’ll be happy you did and he’ll be excited to share.

We’re not sure how many “firsts” we can credit Lonnie with. Hell, we’re not sure we can credit many people with very many “firsts”. What we are certain of though, Lonnie has always been an innovator in fly fishing techniques and has had his hand in the evolution of the fly fishing guiding history in Northern California.  His hunger to share this with others is as strong as it ever has been.


Growing up in Northern California, Justin started fishing as soon as he was old enough to hold a fly rod. He spent his childhood years a stone’s throw away from the Russian River, plying for its tricky summertime trout and elusive winter steelhead. He began professionally guiding once he turned 18, expanding his expertise to nearly every water of the north state, especially the Lower Sacramento River. For the past several years, he’s split his time between guiding the summers in Bristol Bay Alaska and the rest of the year in Northern California. Justin truly puts his heart and soul into guiding, and his patience, persistence, and passion always brings the best outcome for his clients.


Matt comes to us from the Rocky Mountains. He cut his teeth on guiding the famous Bighorn River in Montana, and today spends his summer months guiding anglers there and on the Missouri River. The kid is flat out fishy and knows how to show anglers of all skill levels a great time on the river. He is well-versed in all aspects of fly fishing and is a true professional on the oars. We are lucky to have Matt join our talented team of guides in the fall, winter, and spring months.


Adam is an outdoorsman, through and through. Growing up in Northern California, his memories of childhood are always outside on the ranch with the animals. Adam’s love of the outdoors led him to a career of time in nature at a young age. Guiding since his early college days, his love and talent for fishing is contagious, as is his easy going and calm atmosphere. Adam specializes in fly fishing for striper, trout and shad on the lower Sacramento River. He is a father of three outdoor loving babies and believer in a good whiskey and water.


Guy was born and raised in Colorado and raised in Northwest Oklahoma. When Guy was 7 years old, he found an old fly rod buried in the back of his Dad’s garage and since that day he has been obsessed with fly fishing. His excitement about everything fly fishing is apparent the minute you meet him. After completing two separate guide schools at the ripe ages of 17 and 18, Guy realized that there is no better feeling than helping folks catch fish. In addition to Guy’s passion for fishing and guiding, he is a certified pipe welder and amateur leatherman and blacksmith. We are excited to have Guy on our elite team of fly fishing guides.