Summer fly fishing seems to officially be here. The daytime temps are starting to tap into the triple digits in the Redding area and summer hatches have started. The Lower Sac has been a very good option for drift boat fishing as of late. Fall River has been exceptional over the past few weeks. The smaller, walk and wade venues (Pit, McCloud and Upper Sac) have been delivering good fishing. This is largely in part to stabilizing water conditions and increased bug activity. 

  • Lower Sacramento River: Contrary to some of the reports floating around out there, we’ve had some very good trout fishing over the past few weeks. Especially since the flows on the Lower Sac have stabilized. It can be very specific at times out there but as long as you’re executing, there have been some brilliant windows of trout fishing on the big tailwater. As summer starts to take hold, Caddis hatches are strengthening and the PMDs and Baetis are still wiggling as well. The fish on “The Sac” are starting to firm up after coming off their spring spawn – each day out there, we’re encountering some extremely stout, hot fish.. Summer is finally here and we’re fired up.
  • Fall River: As expected, the big spring creek out east has been dealing some very good fishing over the past few weeks. We are having great fishing days and the quality of fish appears to be excellent. This is a great option right now and should remain that way as we head into the heart of summer. 
  • Walk and Wade: The “upper rivers” are all in prime shape now as flows have simmered in the past few weeks. There are a plethora of bugs hatching. From big salmon flies still, golden stones, caddis and a mix of different mayflies. These streams are a great summer fly fishing option for folks looking to stretch the legs and hop out of the drift boat for a days. 

Photo’s from the Water


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