Targeting steelhead in shorts and sun shirts isn’t something that most folks think is a reality.. Here’a a news flash for you: 

Steelhead fishing on the Trinity can be popular from October through winter BUT very few anglers know that late August and September can provide some of the best steelhead fishing of the year along with some hard to find solitude. This is especially true when the flows bump up like they are scheduled to on August 18th. Flows are currently scheduled to increase to 2,000 cfs on August 18th and then drop back down to 450 cfs by August 20th. This flow increase usually draws a lot of steelhead up that are holding in the Lower Klamath into the cooler waters of the Trinity. These are fresh fish that are usually eager to eat a swung or dead drifted fly.. We are expecting it to be game on starting August 21st. If you want to be one of the first anglers with a crack at these revered, migratory fish –  you might want to consider a trip here soon.



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