The answer is anytime! Rain or shine. Fish are affected by changes in weather, such as changes in barometric pressure, temperature, and wind. Fishing can be good before and after a storm or on cloudy days, as fish may be more active and willing to bite.


We’ve witnessed a heavyweight battle between winter and spring the past few weeks here in Northern California. Mother nature hasn’t been able to let go of winter quite yet. Eventually though, winter will lose her grip and Spring will dominate with her longer days, blue skies and intense insect hatches. We’re all waiting patiently for this but in the meantime, we have to admire the effort that winter is displaying to try and make up for the past few years. Life revolves around freshwater and we are getting a plethora of that in the form of snow and rain. The table is being set for a magical year of trout fishing ahead of us. 


The Lower Sacramento River is notorious for being a world class trout fishery year round BUT it’s hard to deny the fact that the spring season can kick out some of the best fishing of the year. March through June can give us some of the most pleasant weather of the year along with some of the biggest hatches of the year. March browns, PMDs, various types of Caddis, Golden Stones, and Salmon Flies can ignite a ferocious trout bite from Redding all the way south of Anderson, opening up over 30 miles of highly productive trout water. This mighty tailwater will sizzle with life in the coming months – you will not want to miss it.



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