Trinity River Fly Fishing….


Chasing Steelhead with a fly rod can become and obsession for many anglers.. Once you’ve tasted it, it’s hard to shake the desire for more. Lucky for these steelhead junkies, Northern California is home to some of the top rivers in the world to still host strong returns of Steelhead.  Over the past couple of decades the Trinity River has earned the reputation as one of the premier steelhead rivers in Northern California and the entire Pacific Northwest for that matter. The steelhead fishing on the Trinity River from September through March is as consistent as you will find anywhere.

This year has been no exception as we’ve experienced some very fruitful days here fishing for steelhead. With consistent storms dropping rain and snow, the river has kept elevated flows and been slightly off color from the tributaries.. This combination is ideal for steelhead fishing, especially on this specific river. We’ve shared a lot of memorable days with guests on the Trinity River fly fishing over the past few months – There are already a pile of fish stories to swap from this Steelhead season and we’re only half way through it.. We all look forward to this trend to continue well into March this year.




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