The Lower Sac has been a very good winter trout fishing option, especially with this warmer weather we’ve been getting. The Brachycentrus Caddis are already starting to move around which could make the coming weeks very good on our favorite tailwater. Flows and visibility are great coming from Keswick. A little color in the river has made the big fish more eager too. The table is set for a great late winter and early Spring season on the Lower Sac. We’d like to see some more rain come at some point but it’s tough to complain about the fishing and conditions right now! 
The Lower Yuba is another great tailwater option from now through April. The Skwallas are starting to move and soon after that will come the March Browns. This combination of hatches can make for some extremely fun dry fly fishing. We’re expecting the coming weeks to produce some of the better dry fly fishing of the year here. 
The Walk and wade rivers (Upper Sac, Pit and McCloud) are all in good fishable shape right now as well. Larger migratory rainbows from Shasta Lake are making their way into some of these places as we speak. This is a great time of year to run into some XL fish in smaller water. We love late winter and early Spring fishing on these smaller freestone rivers – especially with the nice weather in the forecast. 
There is still some quality steelhead fishing happening on the Klamath and Trinity. Still strong numbers of fish in each system. The Trinity can be a bit more fickle at times but the Klamath has been consistent in delivering very good fishing over the past few weeks. We don’t expect a whole lot to change here in the next few weeks. These steelhead can get pretty trouty this time of the year, so mixing it up with smaller bugs can be the key to success. 




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