We’re on the front end of our Spring fishing season here in Northern CA. River conditions have been excellent and look to remain that way for the foreseeable future. We’ve experienced a great ending to our Winter Steelhead season and we are all excited about the transition into our Spring trout and Bass fishing in Northern California. There are a number of great options right now for the fly angler looking for a great fishing experience in the north state. 
The Lower Sac has been exceptionally good the past few weeks. Bugs are hatching and the trout have been happy about it. PMDs, March Browns, Caddis and Midges have had our big, wild trout on the feed. Rain or shine, the Lower Sac has been delivering consistently good to great fishing. As we get deeper into March, we expect the fishing to stay strong. The majority of the fish that we are catching are subsurface BUT there have been some good opportunities to fish the dry fly to rising fish, especially on cloudy days. This is one of our absolute favorite Spring time trout fisheries. 

Walk and Wade fishing on the Upper Sac, Pit and Hat Creek has also been very good as of late. You can expect to see a big fish or two on the Upper Sac this time of year as some of the larger rainbows from the lake have moved in. The Pit is always a great walk and wade option for the angler with next level wading skills. Expect the pit to get VERY GOOD as the temperature start to rise later in Spring. Hat Creek is NOW OPEN to year round angling! This is an awesome venue and we are extremely excited to be able to fish this famous Spring Creek in March and April! 
Lake Shasta BASS season is starting to fire up as well. This is another stellar option for folks looking for a new experience and the opportunity to tie into a good number of fisty, hard pulling bass on a fly rod.




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