As Fall starts to creep in, we have some of our favorite fishing right on the horizon in Northern California.

The Lower Sac is poised for a great Fall. A lot of our Fall fishing is dependent on Salmon spawning in the river and feeding these big, wild trout. We have a lot of fish starting to move up into the Anderson and Redding area and stage for their annual spawn. Eggs in the river can make for some very good trout fishing. October and November can be two of the better months to fish the Sac.. As anglers and guides, this can be one of our favorite times of year. The Lower sections of the Sac (south of Redding) can also deal some great opportunities to plug into Steelhead as well. A smorgasbord of food will soon be available to our resident trout and migratory Steelhead.


The Klamath and Trinity are the two other main venues that we will be focusing our attention towards in October, November and December. There are already signs of steelhead in these rivers. The coming few weeks should start to produce some good fishing for these anadromous rainbow trout.

Aside from these rivers; the smaller walk and wade venues that we have will also continue to deliver good trout fishing. The McCloud, Upper Sac and Pit should not be overlooked during the Fall. These smaller walk and wade streams are all in great shape for the Fall season. The hatches and bugs on these rivers will vary but a variety of stoneflies, October caddis and Baetis should be the main items on the list if you’re looking to hit these rivers this Fall.


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