Lower Sacramento River Fishing Report

The “Sac” has dropped to 10k cubes over the past few days. This is a great Summer flow for us. The upper reaches in the Redding area have given up some very large fish over the past week. Fishing has been good up in town but not necessarily wide open. Fish are eating a variety of bugs, from Caddis to Mayflies, Stoneflies, Midges, etc. No specific hatch or bug has really stood out recently.. What has stood out though is the condition of the trout. A lot of the fish in the upper reaches are in as good of shape and as heavy as we’ve ever seen. This is great news for the coming weeks and months as the arrival of spawning salmon in the river will only contribute to their size. We’re looking forward to seeing what the coming few weeks have in store. The Lower River (below Anderson) has been a great option as well. Expect good numbers of fish down low but expect them to be a bit smaller on average than the fish in the upper reaches. There have been a few Steelhead around in the lower river as well. September can be the best sleeper months of the year on the Lower Sac.. 


Fall River Fishing Report

The Fall has been FANTASTIC this summer and has shown no signs of slowing down. The quality and the quantity of the fish in the system this year has been special. Expect this to remain a great option through September. Feeding those beautiful wild fish in clear water is a hell of a lot of fun. 


McCloud River Fishing Report

The McCloud is in it’s late summer mood.. fishing early and late has been best. Finding shade in the middle of the day can be key. Those bigger brown trout migrating up-river from lake Shasta can be a real treat to run into.. From now through Fall is the time of year to run into one of these badass critters. There aren’t many better places to wet wade on a hot Summer day..


Pit River Fishing Report

The ‘ol trusty Pit remains another good option this time of year. If you have an above average wading game and can get to some of the tougher to access water, you can have a very good time fooling those plump, pit river rainbows. Wet wading here is a always a good option this time of year. 


Upper Sacramento River Fishing Report

The Upper Sac has been a good option early and late in the day as well. We’d suggest fishing up river where the colder water is.. Expect to have your best fishing very early and very late in the day.. Water is warmer in the Lower reaches below Pollard Flat.. be conscious of water temps when targeting the trout down there. The bass fishing down there can be a lot of fun this time of year too.. 


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