Lower Sacramento River Fishing Report

We’re in full summer mode on the big river. Caddis hatches have been the main jam along with a few PMDs still lingering. The best windows out here are early and late. We’ve had good fishing from Reding down through Cottonwood recently. Don’t let the warm temps shy you away.. evenings can produce some awesome fishing during those Caddis hatches. Typically, the warmer the day – the better the bugs come off. Summer can produce some of the most underrated fishing of the year on the Sac. A reminder that the upper portion of the river reopens on August 1.. This can be a very good time to get after some fish that have had a long break from angling pressure.


Fall River Fishing Report

Has been exceptionally good this summer. Quantity and quality of fish has been as good as we’ve seen in a long time. The Hex hatch is still rolling in the evenings making for a very fun, short window of dry fly fishing. Expect the fishing here to stay strong through September.


McCloud River Fishing Report

The McCloud has been a very good walk and wade option as well. The big stoneflies have tapered off and it’s more of a Mayfly and Caddis game out there. Again, early and late in the day can produce the best fishing. Expect to have rising fish that last hour or two of light.. Big Brown trout start to make their migration up from Lake Shasta this time of year.. this can be a really fun bonus to plug into one of these brutes.


Pit River Fishing Report

The trusty Pit has been a great option all summer. No real surprise here.. primarily a nymph game but you can still expect great numbers of opportunities during these hot Summer days. This is a great river to wet wade and cool off this time of year.


Upper Sacramento River Fishing Report

The Upper has been solid this summer as well. Expect smaller fish on average this time of year.. The mornings and evenings are the timeframes to target during these “Dog Days” of summer.. Wet wading here is a very good way to escape the heat.


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