We’ve had a very productive few weeks on a handful of our favorite Northern CA rivers and streams. From big water to small water and everything in between – the trout streams in the North State have been en fuego. The highlight for us this time of year is the sheer variety we have. Highlighted rivers: Lower Sacramento River, Fall River, McCloud River and Pit River.


Lower Sacramento River Fishing Report

The Lower Sac, which is as consistent of a trout fishery as you will find anywhere in the Lower 48 has been exceptional. A lot of our best fishing on the big river right now happens in windows. You might experience a few lulls throughout the day in certain areas of the river but if you can figure out good timing right now, the river can give up some insanely good trout fishing. We’ve had a lot of broken hooks and views of backing peeling off the reel the past couple of weeks. The big fish in the Sac are mostly all coming off the spawn and they are fired up. We’re looking forward to a great Summer here. Oh yea, and don’t let the hot days scare you away.. the warmer the daytime temps are, the better the Caddis hatches can be.. Depth charge Nymph fishing, Dry, droppers, short leashes and the single dry can all be implemented in the Summer months here – especially if you have an advanced skill set.


Fall River Fishing Report

Fall River has been excellent so far this year. There are a lot of quality fish in the system this year and a few of our recent guests have been spoiled with high volume days over there. The Fall River Valley is an awesome place to spend a Summer day throwing flies at beautiful, wild fish in a gin clear Spring creek. The Hex hatch starts soon and can be an added bonus at the end of the day when these giant mayflies come off and the fish start to eat on top with conviction.


McCloud River Fishing Report

McCloud River has been great this season as well. If you are game to do some walking, the fishing can be spectacular. This can be a dry fly anglers dream in the Summer, especially in the evenings. Big Stoneflies are flying around accompanied with various types of Caddis and Mayflies. It’s hard to imagine a prettier venue to fish in the country.


Pit River Fishing Report

Pit River has dealt out some silly good trout fishing over the past few months. This river has showed no real signs of slowing down as we work our way towards the meat of summer. Wet wading this stream in the Summer is a great way to cool down. As most of you know, this ain’t the easiest place to wade around but this stream has one of the highest densities of trout in the west, making the juice well worth the squeeze.


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