We’re smack dab in the middle of awesome Spring conditions for Fly Fishing the best rivers in Northern California. Unfortunately, the majority of our guide trips since Mid-March have been postponed and cancelled due to COVID19. We have had a few local guide trips and we’ve been out on the rivers together doing a little fun fishing and exploration the past few weeks. Fishing has been good to VERY GOOD on most of the rivers up this way. The highlights are the usual suspects for this time of year: Lower Sac, Upper Sac and Pit have all been very good trout fishing options for us. We are setup to have a very good Summer of fishing on all of these rivers. General trout opener is coming up on April 25th which means that the Fall River, Hat Creek and McCloud River will all come into play as well.. These are 3 of our favorite Summertime venues and conditions look prime this year. We’ll be expecting a great Summer and Fall of fishing ahead of us on all of these rivers. We look forward to travel restrictions lightening up by May 1 and a bit of normalcy coming back. One thing is for sure – all of the guides here at ACFF are eager to get back to work and enjoy some fantastic Spring and Summer fishing conditions with our guests. A lot of the fish in these rivers have had a solid break from the average angling pressure and should be “in the mood” in the coming months.


Let’s address some of the main questions we’ve been getting recently:

  1. Is fishing closed? No – Fishing is not closed in Shasta county. It may be closed in some southern counties (Inyo/Mono, etc.) but this does not impact us or our scheduled guide trips.
  2. Is your business closed? No – technically not.. Although many of our out of town guests have opted to reschedule (and we have encouraged some to), guiding is not technically illegal.. we are able to operate within the COVID19 guidelines.
  3. Are the trout on Lockdown? No, they’re actually quite eager to eat and show themselves. We expect fishing to remain very good for the foreseeable future.. on all of the rivers mentioned above.
  4. What can we do if we’re not comfortable coming up quite yet? Schedule a trip with us for later in the year. There is snow in the mountains as well as good water in the reservoirs and we are setup to have a very good year of fishing in Northern CA. Get a trip on the books and let’s both have something to look forward to!


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