The Lower Sac has already started firing and delivering some very good Spring Trout fishing with the recent warm weather spell. As much as we’d like to see a bit more rain this time of year, we’re excited about the trout fishing turning on and looking forward to it continuing to rock with the 2 week extended forecast. Those of you that’ve experienced early Spring weather like this before on the river, know just how good the fishing can be. The Caddis hatches have already kicked off and should continue to keep these trout on the chow for the coming weeks. After the past two years of high water conditions, we’re STOKED to have great river and weather conditions for our Spring trout season.


For those that are still interested in getting a Winter Steelhead trip in, we’ve got some great options. This should last at least another 3-4 weeks (especially if we get just a tad bit of rain). February has delivered some very good days of Winter Steelhead fishing for us. Conditions are going to be rolling towards the low and clear side but the opportunity to get your Steelhead fix will still be there.


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